In the GLUES project, the GDI team has developed several Web clients to visualize and explore scientific data of the Sustainable Land Management research program. The source code of the developed clients is made available in the Web. Interested developer can use or modify source code, suggest further developments or implement his own extensions.


The following list provides an overview of GLUES open-source software projects, which are available in the Web. The projects are licensed under The Apache Software License, Version 2.0 and are available via 52°North metadata management community in the 52°North GitHub Repository.


The following list provides an overview of GLUES software projects, for which the source code is currently not available in the Web, but can be requested by interested users.


All available GLUES Web clients are implemented in Java, Javascript and HTML. The backend implementations (Java) handle database requests (e.g. for searching and filtering) as well as WMS Capabilities and FeatureInfo requests (for map visualization). The clients use several JAVA libraries for realizing the servlet, providing JSON data to the frontend and handling time parameters (servlet-api, jackson-all 1.8.2, joda-time-1.6.2). The frontend implementation (Javascript, HTML, CSS) is responsible for the visualization. They use several Javascript libraries for displaying the map, generating facets and result lists automatically and layouting the website (Openlayers 2, Simile Exhibit, Dojo 1.9).
The source code is available on the Web platform GitHub and is published as part of the 52°North GitHub Repository under the Apache Software License, 2.0. The GeoMetaFacet project (which contains TIME4MAPS and METAVIZ implementations) is a contribution to the 52°North Metadata Management Community, which can be joined by any interested developers (see links below). Further detailed source code descriptions are available on the GitHub page.

Further information & links

Source code and detailed information are available on the following Github websites: 52°North Repository or GIS Repository.
Information about vision, mission and participation in the 52°North community is available in the Metadata Management Community.
Forum to the related 52°North community is available: Metadata Management Community Forum.

Important facts are summarized in the application's fact sheets, which are available in the Document section of the GLUES Geoportal.
Short information and live demo are available here: Application section of the GLUES Geoportal.

If you have any technical questions, please contact Christin Henzen (Christin.Henzen [at] For general questions about the GLUES project please contact Stephan Mäs (Stephan.Maes [at]