About GLUES Geoportal

This portal provides access to the GLUES Geodata Infrastructure. The infrastructure is the common data and service platform for the international research program 'Sustainable Land Management'. The provided data pool can be freely used within the program but also by other interested scientists or stakeholders (please have a look at the conditions of use of the data you are interested in). Researchers of the Sustainable Land Management projects can use the Geodata Infrastructure to disseminate and share their project results [GLUES GDI Factsheet]. These are some of the themes the GLUES Geodata Infrastructure provides data for:

Land use,

climate change,

economic change,

water resources and use,



ecosystem services

The map shows information about the areas investigated by the GLUES regional research projects.
























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GLUES Project Background

GLUES (Global Assessment of Land Use Dynamics, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Ecosystem Services) is a coordination project of the international research program 'Sustainable Land Management' of the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Within this funding measure twelve so called regional collaborative projects (RPs) are researching the impacts of climate and socio-economic changes and a corresponding optimization of the use of land and natural resources in different countries and regions. For an effective synthesis of research results the underlying base scenarios and the data sets must be disseminated and shared between the involved research institutions. Within the framework of GLUES the Professorship of Geoinformatics of the Technical University Dresden is implementing a Geodata Infrastructure (GDI) to facilitate this interdisciplinary data exchange between the scientists of GLUES and the RPs.