COMTESS-GLUES Shiny Workshop

As a follow-up from the first successful workshop between members of the Sustainable Coastal Land Management: Trade-offs in Ecosystem Services (COMTESS) project, and members of the GLUES Scientific Data Infrastructure (SDI) team, 52°North organized a second workshop.

Anett Schibalski (Uni Potsdam, COMTESS) developed together with Daniel Nüst (Institute for Geoinformatics), Benjamin Pross, Christoph Stasch (52°North GmbH, GLUES SDI) and Christin Henzen (TU Dresden, GLUES SDI) a Shiny App that allows stakeholders to explore the COMTESS model results in space and time. In addition, the SDI team provided support in creating an R package for the model code and in providing a proper documentation using novel supporting tools like Roxygen.

After one day of hard work, a first version of the app was realized. It is planned to integrate the app in the GLUES Geoportal once it is finalized. The app (Screenshot shown below) allows to select a study region in an interactive map and afterwards spatially analyze different parameters for different land use scenarios. Furthermore, timeseries of spatially aggregated parameters can also be generated and analyzed.


The workshop participants were delighted about the successful result of the workshop – the Shiny app and a first version of an R package providing the model code – to other users. Both sides, the technical SDI team as well as the modeling team of the COMTESS project, benefit from the joint work and are planning to continue its collaboration beyond the GLUES project.

Interested in publishing your own data and software? Please get in touch with Christoph Stasch (52°North, and Christin Henzen (TU Dresden,