ClimateCharts now plots temperature and precipitation variation

The ClimateCharts application (Climate has a new feature: It does not only show the Walter-Lieth climate chart, but also the variation of temperature and precipitation in the given time span using box plots. With this diagram it is possible to see how stable the temperature and the precipitation have been in the past. The plan is to enhance the diagram even more, e.g. by showing the causes for the outliers, e.g. a flood or a drought.

Merry Christmas

The GLUES team from Dresden has worked on the ClimateCharts the previous weeks and added it to the list of applications in the GLUES project. In 2017 it will be further developed to enhance the functionality and increase the usability: More climate data sources will be added, the distribution and variation of the temperature and precipitation in the previous years will be visualized in additional plots and different methods to visualize the climate data directly on the map will be implemented. But for now, the GLUES team is wishing everybody Merry Christmas and a good start into the New Year 2017!

ClimateCharts - Merry Christmas!

Workshops on data and metadata management

The GLUES GDI Team has prepared several (virtual) workshops on data and metadata management in October and November. The workshops were initiated to help regional project partners to prepare their scientific project results (in particular geodata) to be published on the Web (in metadata catalogues or as services). Furthermore, the participants got information about current metadata standards, which can be used to document data in scientific publications or in metadata catalogues.

The GLUES GDI Team analyzed the project specific datasets of the partners and developed publication strategies with these partners.


Maintenance today

Due to some maintenance works in Leipzig some GDI components of the geoportal are temporarily not available on 10 th November 2016.

If you have any questions regarding availability, do not hesitate to contact the GLUES GDI Team.

Maintenance today

The GLUES GDI team maintains all servers. The server should be fully available again by tomorrow 8:00 AM CEST.

COMTESS-GLUES Shiny Workshop

As a follow-up from the first successful workshop between members of the Sustainable Coastal Land Management: Trade-offs in Ecosystem Services (COMTESS) project, and members of the GLUES Scientific Data Infrastructure (SDI) team, 52°North organized a second workshop.

Anett Schibalski (Uni Potsdam, COMTESS) developed together with Daniel Nüst (Institute for Geoinformatics), Benjamin Pross, Christoph Stasch (52°North GmbH, GLUES SDI) and Christin Henzen (TU Dresden, GLUES SDI) a Shiny App that allows stakeholders to explore the COMTESS model results in space and time. In addition, the SDI team provided support in creating an R package for the model code and in providing a proper documentation using novel supporting tools like Roxygen.

After one day of hard work, a first version of the app was realized. It is planned to integrate the app in the GLUES Geoportal once it is finalized. The app (Screenshot shown below) allows to select a study region in an interactive map and afterwards spatially analyze different parameters for different land use scenarios. Furthermore, timeseries of spatially aggregated parameters can also be generated and analyzed.


The workshop participants were delighted about the successful result of the workshop – the Shiny app and a first version of an R package providing the model code – to other users. Both sides, the technical SDI team as well as the modeling team of the COMTESS project, benefit from the joint work and are planning to continue its collaboration beyond the GLUES project.

Interested in publishing your own data and software? Please get in touch with Christoph Stasch (52°North, and Christin Henzen (TU Dresden,


TFO/LUCCi-GLUES Publication on Geoprocessing Service of MODIS Data

As a result of the successful workshop between members of the TFO and LUCCi project, and members of the GLUES GDI Team, Sven Kralisch, Daniel Nüst, Benjamin Pross and Christoph Stasch presented their work on geoprocessing service of MODIS data at the 8th InternationalCongress on Environmental Modelling and Software (iEMSs 2016). The iEMSs took place in Toulouse, France from 10-14th July 2016.

The abstract was presented in Session C3: Spatio‐temporal modeling and integration. Are you interested in further information? Please use the following citation:

C. Siegert, S. Kralisch, A. Künne, D. Nüst, B. Proß, C. Stasch, “Service-based Processing of MODIS Global Terrestrial Evapotranspiration Data for Hydrological Modelling”, 8th International Congress on  Environmental Modelling and Software (iEMSs 2016), Toulouse, France, 10–14 July 2016.

or get in touch with Christoph Stasch (52°North,

Dynamically Generating Climate Charts

Climate charts are a well-known and proven concept to analyze the climate of a specific location. The GLUES GDI Teams has developed a Web application, which enables users to dynamically generate a dynamically create a climate chart for a specific location and time frame. They just need to call the application click on the map or type in coordinates into the fields for latitude/longitude to choose a point of interest, select a time frame in the dropdown menu on the right and then click on “Create Chart”. The Web application, called climate charts, is available at:

The application has been presented at the AGIT conference ( in Salzburg. Further information are available in the related scientific publication at

The application will be further improved and then integrated into the GLUES Geoportal until autumn. If you are interested in the application’s usage or if you would like to discuss further improvements, please contact the GLUES GDI Team.

Presenting the GLUES GDI @ SCADS Workshop and IOER Flaechennutzungssymposium

The GLUES GDI has been presented as poster, presentation and paper on two events in Dresden. On the Competence Center for Scalable Data Services and Solutions – ScaDS Workshop international researcher presented several new approaches for big data, data analysis and portals. With the GLUES GDI the TUD Team summarized developed concepts for scientific geodata infrastructures. Further information are available here:

The presentation “GLUES GDI – eine Austauschplattform für Forschungsdaten zum nachhaltigen Landmanagement” informed interested researchers and representatives of authority about recent GLUES GDI developments. More information about the 8th Flächennutzungssymposium is available here: The presentation slides are available here: The corresponding paper will be published soon.

Special Issue on Geoprocessing

The TUD GLUES GDI Team would like to share an interesting CfP Special Issue: Innovation in Geoprocessing for a Digital Earth (IJDE), see below.
We are looking to forward to your contributions.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any question.

Further information are available here: Call for Paper