The central component of the GLUES GDI is the geodata catalog. It enables to search for data and provides links to corresponding download and visualization services, if available. The catalog is an instance of the smart.finder SDI software of the GLUES partner con terra. It supports the OGC CSW 2.0 interface and the metadata is conform to the INSPIRE requirements.
The catalog is available at []
The screenshot below shows the result list of the catalog user interface. Click on the image to navigate to the catalog and search geodata.

screenshot terraCatalog - query list


If you are working in one of the Sustainable Land Management Projects you can get an account to the catalog and register your data by acquiring corresponding metadata. Of course, we know that manual metadata acquisition is a time-consuming tasks. But to represent your data as project results in the GDI and to make it available to other researchers structured and consistent metadata is prerequisite. The metadata should help to find data and provide basic information about its provenance, quality, producer, licensing etc. To acquire metadata you need to register to our catalog. You can request an account in the login section of the catalog (right top of the window). For information regarding the registration to the catalog please contact Carola Pätzold (carola.paetzold at To obtain meaningful and consistent metadata you should follow the guidelines explained below. The list below follows structure of the catalog metadata input forms, but it is only listing fields with specific requirements for the GLUES GDI. It provides a [formal description] and an example for each metadata input field. All other fields you should fill up to the best of your knowledge. The last step before your metadata is published is an automatic evaluation that helps to assure that the metadata is consistent and complete. If you have questions do not hesitate to ask us.




There are several documents about the publication of data available in the GLUES Geoportal. They help to acquire metadata (e.g. Fact sheet Metadata, Guidance document) or to classify data (e.g. Registry Fact sheet). More technical documents, such as the user guide for the metadata catalog (terraCatalog user guide) as well as data related documents (e.g. the Creative Commons Leitfaden) are available, too. Furthermore, the GLUES GDI team helps in case of project or software specific questions.

If you have many very similar datasets that shall be registered in the catalog (for example different thematic datasets that are output of the same simulation) it might be too time consuming to manually acquire the metadata for each dataset separately. For such cases we also provide automatic import functionalities. Please contact us for further information and support!