People of different cultures, domains or communities often have a slightly biased understanding of terms. Therefore, the meanings of words used to name geographical features or to describe geographical data sets and their contents can be quite different to them. For environmental modeling in the geosciences this already starts with basic terms like model, scenario or storyline. To overcome these problems and to ensure that the metadata of the GLUES GDI is acquired in a consistent way we implemented a terminology registry. Such registries are collections of registers that contain the register items for a defined category (e.g. EPSG codes, scenario descriptions, etc.). Each of the registered items has a unique, unambiguous and permanent identifier and a description or definition to assign the meaning of the item.

Example of the GLUES-Scenario Register Item BaselineŁ

In the context of a geodata infrastructure a registries are commonly used to map coordinate reference systems (e.g. EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset,, to register data themes (e.g. INSPIRE Theme Register, in INSPIRE Registry, or to register components and services (e.g. GEOSS Component and Service Registry (CSR),

The GLUES GDI Registry provides registers for the projects of the sustainable land management program (GLUES and the Regional Projects), the relevant data topics ant the definitions of program specific models and scenarios.

Available Registers in the GLUES Registry

How to use the GLUES Registry

Application of the GLUES Registry

The GLUES Registry is used in the application GeoMetaFacet. Based on the JSON files of the registry, several pages with detailed descriptions for projects, topic categories and scenarios were generated. These pages should help the application users to find suitable filter option and understand tags and context more easily. Furthermore, the files are used to generate the so called facets, which serve as interactive filter elements. The automatic generation of pages and interaction elements based on registry files allows a continual and regular update of the registry content.

If you are interested in using the GLUES Registry or further developments, please contact the GLUES GDI Team. Suggestions for improvements are also welcome.